Site Map

How Have We Structured The Site?


Over the years we have had lots experience with dealing with our customers telling us how we can make the site and the shopping experience convenient and enjoyable.


It is important to make it really easy to find the products you are looking for. There are over 3000 products on our site, so a lot to search through!


We have:


·      Invested in one of the best search features around. You can see it at the top right hand corner of this page. Simply enter any product, brand, or category that you are looking for. We think it works really well. But don't take our word for it, why not try it?


·      Our category navigation is always at the top of the page where you can find it easily. Move your mouse or you finger over any of the categories and at a glance you'll see all of the sub-categories that are in it.


We believe that product information needs to be really clear and useful in making purchase decisions. We agree. It's no good for our expert buyers to scour the world for the best products at the best prices, if you can't see exactly what you are buying.


 So we:


·      Have product pictures that are much bigger than most retail website, to make the products you are buying even clearer feature product reviews so you know what other customers have thought about the product. We'd also encourage you to add product reviews for any of the products that you have bought from our site.


·      Make it easy to find all product details, warranty and delivery information


·      Have a Question & Answer feature that allows you to ask questions of our experts as well as other customers and let other shoppers learn from it


·      Have further information on our major brands so you can learn more about who made the products and easily browse the range of products from that brand


Good customer service is all-important. We're constantly working on it, but some of the ways we think we already offer great customer service are:


·      We love getting your calls and emails to our customer service center based here in our headquarters, so we've made sure that wherever you are in the site, you can find our phone number and contact details


·      We want you to be confident when you buy from us, which is why we have a no-questions-asked money back guarantee and full warranties on all our products


·      Added extended product warranties to many of our products to give you peace of mind that your product will be covered for  your convenience


Being a retailer that sells predominantly online we are able to provide a 24-hour/ 7-days a week service at a substantially lower cost base than traditional bricks and mortar retailers who have to operate many physical stores with high rents, wages and distribution overheads. Because we don't have these overheads we do not need to charge the same high margins they require in order to sustain their businesses.


And that's why we can offer amazing prices on an ever-increasing range of quality products and brands, so you can enjoy the thrill of getting exactly what you want at a bargain price.